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Get the Facts: Lower your Payment

Two Years Running: New Jersey Leads The Nation in Foreclosures

In opposition to the National trend of declining foreclosures New Jersey led the pack with over 65,000 properties entering the foreclosure process, 1.86% of the market. Much of this problem stems from the backlog of loans originated between 2005 and…..

Default Management

The default management process is a staged approach which can ensure that the Foreclosure Process is delayed and or the Sale Date is extended or either cancelled until a the Property Owner and the Lender come to term. Initiating this crucial…..

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What is HAMP? What is foreclosure? What is loss mitigation? I just received a notice of foreclosure. Can I negotiate with my lender myself? Can you fix my credit score? How long does a Loan Modification take? Do I have…..

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DO YOU NEED PROFESSIONAL HELP? Questions you should ask yourself include, Can I do it alone? Should I retain an Attorney? Should I go to a Mortgage Broker/Loan Modification firm or a nonprofit housing group? -Doing it by yourself requires…..

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  • Mortgage Rates Unchanged to Begin Week May 21, 2018
    Mortgage rates held steady today, which is better than what could be said for most of last week when rates shot up to the highest levels in 7 years. Friday was the only day of improvement, but it was scarcely enough to undo the damage from the previous 4 days. That said, it did raise […]
  • Temporary Factors Help Mortgage Rates... Temporarily May 19, 2018
    Mortgage rates caught some small semblance of a break today. If it's not apparent based on that assessment in conjunction with the headline, the improvements certainly left something to be desired, even though that's to be expected, given the circumstances. Here's what I mean by that: Rates are based on the bond market. Trading levels […]
  • Mortgage Rates Are Actually Higher Than You've Heard May 17, 2018
    It's Thursday, which is when Freddie Mac's weekly Mortgage rate survey comes out. The survey is the most widely quoted source material for major media outlets. As such, headlines abound about the "highest mortgage rates in 7 years." Of course, we've already discussed these 7 year highs earlier in the week when they actually occurred. […]

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HARP- Eligible Homeowners Concentrated

Approximately 242,512 borrowers nationwide are eligible and have an incentive to refinance through HARP as of June 30, 2016, according to FHFA, and approximately 60 percent of them are located collectively in Florida, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Georgia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania,…..

New York- Cuomo Makes Foreclosure Reform Priority

New York was hit extremely hard during the recession and although the recovery has been strong many remain left behind. Homeowners were afforded the opportunity to avoid foreclosure by working with their lenders during default but these rules did not…..

Thursday- Rates Dip Downward

Many of the most closely watched mortgage rage continued there decline since the post election jump. Average rates on the 15 Year and 30 Year both went down as well as 5/1 ARM and Adjustable rate mortgages. Rates are constantly changing,…..

Two Years Running: New Jersey Leads The Nation in Foreclosures

In opposition to the National trend of declining foreclosures New Jersey led the pack with over 65,000 properties entering the foreclosure process, 1.86% of the market. Much of this problem stems from the backlog of loans originated between 2005 and…..

Equity Gains & Higher Rates

In the first three quarters of 2016 alone, homeowners added $837 billion in total equity. Although this will boost spending power for many Americans this good news comes as many are facing rising rates on their mortgage and other debts……

Trump’s Treasury Pick Excelled at Kicking Elderly People Out of Their Homes

In 2015, OneWest Bank moved to foreclose on John Yang, an 80-year-old Korean immigrant living in Orange Park, Florida, a small suburb of Jacksonville. The bank believed he wasn’t living in his home, violating the terms of its loan. It…..

2017 Brings Increased FHA Loan Limits

Effective January 1st, 2017 the FHA administration has announced that the loan limits will be raised for many areas due to increasing home prices. The FHA recalculates its national loan limits annually and the limits are based average conforming loan limits……

“The Struggle”

Real estate and housing have evolved drastically in this country over the past decade since the housing crisis. Although some have seen rising wages and increases in equity there are many still struggling underwater, underemployed and under-represented. SaveMyHome.US is dedicated…..

HARP Extended thru September

The Federal Housing Finance Agency announced it extended the Home Affordable Refinance Program until Sept. 30, 2017 in order to create a smoother transition period for a new refi product it is planning to launch toward the end of 2017……

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